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Weiterentwicklung und Evaluierung der Genauigkeit eines Messystems für 3D Lokalisationsversuche

AutorInnen Mohr, L.
Jahr 2011
Art der Arbeit Toningenieur-Projekt
Themenfeld Spatial Audio
Abstract Multichannel audio reproduction systems in two dimensional and even three dimensional setups are encountered with increasing frequency in e.g. concert halls, cinemas and even home theaters for movies and video games. Algorithms and techniques for reproducing an acoustic field accurately are a vital area of research. One important parameter for the perception of spatial sound quality is the match between the presented and actually perceived direction of an incident sound event. Listening experiments are essential in assessing these performance parameters. For obtaining quantified information on the observed direction methods enabling a human test subject to map their perception onto directional parameters such as azimuth and elevation are necessary. These methods should be as intuitive as possible while at the same time offering high accuracy. This project extends a promising method for localization experiments for easier employment. This method is highly intuitive as well as accurate. The absolute accuracy is evaluated, both in static and subjective situations.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:11443
BetreuerInnen Zotter, F., Frank, M.