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Artifices of interdependency

AutorInnen Gagliardi, D.
Jahr 2019
Art der Arbeit Masterarbeit
Themenfeld Klang und Raum
Schlagwörter Dynamische Systeme, Computer Music
Abstract The Live Electronics paradigm in the field of Contemporary Music has often been oriented toward the description or the individuation of a relationship. When the act of composing relies on this practice, the exploration and the constitution of the role of each element which is active in such a network becomes the key of the resulting musical experience. This paradigm is hereby examined in a specific field of application: the relationship between the concrete acoustical world and its digital counterpart. This exploration begins with the definition and the interpretation of these terms, the acknowledgment of what the characteristic of a concrete object are, and the consequent delineation of the boundaries that constrain the concretization of the musical experience. The same importance is given to the description of the methodologies used in this process, which will allow the constitution of interconnections between the different elements. A minor but still relevant theme is the formalization of the performative solutions which will facilitate the listener to take part in the resulting sonic experience, by means of understanding which are the links, hence the forces, which reciprocally act on each other.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:91878
BetreuerInnen Ciciliani, M., Eckel, G.