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Evaluierung der Gebrauchstauglichkeit eines Headsets für "Transparent Hearing"

AutorInnen Liepins, R.
Jahr 2013
Art der Arbeit Toningenieur-Projekt
Themenfeld Psychoakustik
Abstract The increasing use of portable audio appliances in public spaces poses limitations in the way people perceive their auditory environment. These can range from inconvenience in cases when someone needs to interact with other individuals, to risks concerning traffic safety. Both auditory masking of outside stimuli and distraction can be considered as possible causes. A solution to this problem could be obtained when environmental sound recorded via microphones attached to the headphones is mixed with the sound the individual is hearing. In the course of this work an already existing such headset was evaluated with respect to localization, and sound quality. A localization experiment was carried out to examine whether such a system affects the ability to localize discrete sound sources. In addition, an evaluation study was performed to see how the system affects the perception of human voice, and if sound quality can be improved by using equalization filters.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:11451
BetreuerInnen Marentakis, G.