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Richtcharakteristik der Schallquelle in Binaurale Synthese und die Raumsimulation

AutorInnen Skiljic, N.
Jahr 2007
Art der Arbeit Masterarbeit
Themenfeld Spatial Audio
Schlagwörter binaural, Wiedergabetechnik, Technische Akustik
Abstract As a mathematical description, we use the expressions for translations and rotations of local and multipole fundamental solutions of the Helmholtz equation in spherical coordinates developed by Nail A. Gumerov and Ramani Duraiswami. Exploiting the recurrence and symmetry propreties of the fundamental solutions they are able present efficient computational procedure. In this work, we employ techniques to efficiently render acoustic sound fields in a virtual room, taking into account directional sound sources and the reflective characteristics of the walls. Consequently, this type of simulation depends on the orientation and location of the emitting sound sources. Furthermore, we adopt the mirror source technique to simulate the influence of the room on the sound field of directional sound sources, and the attenuation of the sound due to the wall absorption into consideration. Finally, this work is aiming a binaural playback adapting to the location and orientation of a listener in the virtual room. During this thesis several computational routines shall be developed.
BetreuerInnen Eckel, G., Noisternig, M., Zotter, F.