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Materiality as a perspective for artistic experimentation

AutorInnen Iadema, G.
Jahr 2020
Art der Arbeit Bachelorarbeit
Themenfeld Klang und Raum
Schlagwörter audiovisuell, Computer Music
Abstract This paper proposes a conception of materiality as a perspective for artistic experimentation. It centres on a discussion of a different understanding of the role of materiality in artistic practices. A central point of discussion is the concept of “Absent Matter”, in relation to my project Un_inverso, following the idea of the designer and artist Edoardo Tresoldi. This text aims to present a direct relationship between the concept of matter and the aesthetic of imperfection, more specifically the post glitch aesthetics, by using a comprehensive analysis of the project mentioned above, placed in a larger context. The idea of materiality is applied also to sounds, supported by the drawing on the Heideggerian concept of the thing, outlining a conception of sound as a non-symbolic thing. The proposed idea finds a connection also from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, the use of a glitch aesthetic suggests an idea of transparency, in which the potential and "failures" of technology appears more clearly. They are reflected in basic sounds (click, noise, sinusoids), in direct dialogue with the constituent elements of the project Un_inverso. They are represented by video content and a series of wire mesh models, which have two levels of reading: as constituent elements of architecture (for example, the pillars as regards real models and architectural drawings as regards videos) or as models of complete buildings.
URL https://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:104785
BetreuerInnen Ciciliani, M.