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Binaural Beamforming for Hearing Aids Using Differential Microphone Arrays

AutorInnen Leucke, L.
Jahr 2017
Art der Arbeit Masterarbeit
Themenfeld Algorithmische Komposition
Abstract Modern hearing aids are designed to improve speech enhancement algorithms in terms of signal-to-noise ratio but interaural cue distortion may occur. Previous studies have been shown that speech intelligibility is increased if the target and interfering sources are perceived from different directions. Therefore, it is essential to preserve binaural cues in order to maintain the source lo- calization. This thesis focuses on beamforming algorithms which increase speech intelligibility as well a preserving binaural cues by using differential microphone arrays. Differential microphone arrays are suitable for compact devices as they use a compact sensor arrangement. Furthermore, they are able to steer at one target direction over a wide frequency range while interfering sources can be suppressed from different directions. To increase binaural cue preservation different post-filter techniques are proposed. The evaluation of the provided algorithms is done by means of objective measures and a listening test. It is shown that all proposed structures can enhance the signal-to-noise ratio as well as suppressing interfering sources. Nevertheless, the hybrid structure of frequency dependence reveals the best results for these parameters. Although the binaural cues are preserved for all tested postfilters, the postfilter operating on a single microphone signal achieved the best results. However, the suppression of interfering sources is not optimal for this filter which leads to a trade-off between noise reduction and cue preservation.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:69261
BetreuerInnen Hagmüller, M.