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Implementierung eines positionsbestimmten Lichtzeigers

AutorInnen Serrano, J.
Jahr 2007
Art der Arbeit Toningenieur-Projekt
Themenfeld Spatial Audio
Schlagwörter Wiedergabetechnik, Psychoakustik
Abstract This paper describes the implementation of a system used for carrying out the measurement of a sound source’s position in a three dimensional space. It is difficult and often imprecise to develop an accurate system for such a positioning task The approach of this method is based on the use of a pointing device tracked by cameras. The pointing device with a laser diode mounted on it is used by a participant to point in a certain direction. The system is able to measure the straight line between the centre of gravity of the participant’s head and the point pointed. This direction is expressed as elevation and azimuth. One of the aspects that make the method more efficient is the sound localization with an optical cue. By means of a laser diode the participants can see the exact position they are pointing to during the listening tests. The method is performed in the IEM cube at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (Graz). This is also where the implementation and the practical evaluation took place. The accuracy of the method and the error made during the calculation process is explained in the evaluation section. Finally some listening tests with real subjects are performed and the results are shown.
URL http://phaidra.kug.ac.at/o:11182
BetreuerInnen Sontacchi, A.