Secondary-Path Models in Adaptive-Noise-Control Headphones

All-Round Ambisonic Panning and Decoding

Comprehensive measurements of head influence on a supercardioid microphone

Exploring Sound and Spatialisation Design on Speaker Arrays using Physical Modelling

Geometric Error Estimation and Compensation in Compact Spherical Loudspeaker Array Calibration

Investigations on cylindrical microphone arrays

Joint spherical beamforming for the analysis of reflections in rooms

Pitch Shifting of Audio Signals using the Constant-Q Transform

Reconstructing sound source directivity in virtual acoustic environments

BEM 13 - The Audio Mixer as Creative Tool in Musical Composition and Performance

IEM-Report 45/11 The IEM Pilot Speech Database

A sonic time projection chamber, Sonified particle detection at CERN

Acoustic Center and Orientation Analysis of Sound-Radiation Recorded with a Surrounding Spherical Microphone Array

Ambisonic Decoding with and without Mode-Matching: A Case-Study Using the Hemisphere

Comparison of acoustic centering maps for radiation capture of musical instruments with spherical microphone arrays

Constant-Q transform toolbox for music processing

Evaluation of a Transaural Beamformer

Flexible and intuitive pointing method for 3D auditory localization experiments

Listening to the Direct Sound of Musical Instruments in Freely Adjustable Surrounding Directions

Microphone arrays around rigid spheres for spatial recording and holography

On the Traceability of the Compositional Process

Similarity of musical instrument radiation- patterns in pitch and partial

Spin quartets, sonification of the XY model


The Virtual T-Design Ambisonics-Rig using VBAP

Time-Frequency Sparsity by Removing Perceptually Irrelevant Components Using a Simple Model of Simultaneous Masking

Training and Guidance Tool for Listening Panels

Transferable Acoustics based on Spatial Analysis and Re-Composition

Vom Bewohnen der Musik

A Standard for Interchange of Ambisonic Signal Sets

An Alternative Ambisonics Formulation: Modal Source Strength Matching and the Effect of Spatial Aliasing

An Ambisonics Format for Flexible Playback Layouts

Application of a transaural focused sound reproduction

De- and Reconstructing Bodily Expression in Sound: The “Embodied Generative Music” Project

Engineer Your Sound – Partizipative Technikgestaltung im Klassenzimmer

Klanginstallation Ikosaederlautsprecher

Mehrkanalaustauschformat für 3D Audio Ambisonics

Motion-Enabled Live Electronics

On Artistic Research in the Context of the Project Embodied Generative Music

Physiosonic - Movement Sonification as Auditory Feedback

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator Sonification

Recruiting and Evaluation Process of an Expert Listening Panel

Sampling Strategies for Acoustic Holography/Holophony on the Sphere

Sonification in computational physics – QCD-audio

Text-to-Speech Engine with Austrian German Corpus

Transaural stereo in a beamforming approach

3D sound field rendering under non-idealized loudspeaker arrangements

Acoustic Source Localisation using Coincident Microphone Arrays

Akustische Positionsbestimmung von Mikrofonen

Challenges and New Solutions for Transfer Path Analysis

Demonstrator for Controllable Focused Sound Source Reproduction

Efficient Directivity Pattern Control for Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays

Efficient Transfer Path Analysis for Vehicle Sound Engineering

Exploration of 4D-Data Spaces. Sonification in Lattice QCD

Freer Than Max: porting FTM to Pure data

Herausforderung Transfer Pfad Analyse

HRTF modelling in due consideration variable torso reflections

IEM-Report 43/08 Variable Selbstähnlichkeit

Localization Experiments Using Different 2D Ambisonics Decoders

Optimising NVH in Future Vehicles

Sonic interaction design: sound, information and experience

Sonification and particle physics

Sound Art - Synthesis Based on Rhythm and Feature Extraction

The CUBEMixer a Performance-, Mixing- and Masteringtool

Nonlinear All-Pole and One-Zero Gammatone Filters

Die Klangwelt am Rand der Datenautobahn

Instrumentalmusik und Live-Elektronik

Lost Highway CD


BEM 1 - Enumeration in Musical Theory

BEM 2 - CAD und Modalanalyse im Dienste der Musik

BEM 3 - Der Nachtigallengesang in der Europäischen Kunstmusik

BEM 4 - GRAINY - Granularsynthese in Echtzeit

BEM 5 - Strukturgeneratoren - Algorithmische Komposition in Echtzeit

BEM 6 - Sound Installation Art

BEM 7 - Diminuendo - Über selbstähnliche Verkleinerungen

BEM 8 - Reading Castaneda - Vorwort

BEM 9 - Komponieren im 21. Jahrhundert - Texte 1993-99

BEM 10 - Auf Wohlklangswellen durch der Töne Meer

BEM 11 - Zur Wahrnehmung zeitgenössischer Musik

BEM 12 - Medienkunst

Frequency-Dependent Signal-Correlation in Surround- and Stereo-Microphone Systems and the Blumlein-Pfanzagl-Triple (BPT)

Orchestral recording revisited

Orchestral recording revisited II

Orchestral recording revisited III

Orchestral recording revisited IV

Vom Punkt- zum Flächenstrahler

IEM Soundreports

IEM Soundreport 02

IEM-Report 01/98 A Non-Linear Functional Model of the Spectral Analysis Performed in the Peripheral Auditory System

IEM-Report 02/98 A nonlinear model of the peripheral auditory system

IEM-Report 03/98 Physiologische und Psychoakustische Grundlagen des räumlichen Hörens

IEM-Report 04/98 Außenohr-Übertragungsfunktion - Messung und Datensätze

IEM-Report 05/98 dB(ELC) - A Proposal To Modify The dB(A)

IEM-Report 06/98 dB(ELC) - Dynamische Phonkurvenanpassung als Erweiterung des dB(A)

IEM-Report 07/98 Modellierung von HRTF - Kurven

IEM-Report 08/99 Bählamms Fest

IEM-Report 09/99 Ambisonic System mit unsymmetrischem Lautsprecher Layout

IEM-Report 10/00 Projekte bei der steirischen Landesausstellung 2000 "comm.gr2000az"

IEM-Report 12/03 IEMLIB für PD

IEM-Report 14/03 Studie zur Steuerung der örtlichen Schallfeldkonzentration

IEM Report 15/03 AMBISONIC 3D-Beschallungssystem 5.Ordnung für PD

IEM-Report 17/03 Wechselwirkung von Lautsprecher-Mikrofon Anordnungen im Fahrzeug

IEM-Report 19/03 Smart Microphone Array

IEM-Report 21/03 Wechselwirkung von Lautsprecher-Mikrofon Anordnungen im Fahrzeug

IEM-Report 23/04 Spatial Auditory User Interfaces Evaluation Test 1 - The Shop

IEM-Report 25/04 Vermessung und Optimierung des Kunstkopfes "Source"

IEM-Report 26/04 GEM für PD

IEM-Report 27/05 missa beati pauperes spiritu

IEM-Report 28/05 3D Sound-Mixer

IEM-Report 29/05 Spatial Auditory User Interfaces Evaluation Test 2 - The Explorer

IEM-Report 30/05 Psychoacoustical Investigations in Binaural Sound Localization

IEM-Report 31/06 Revue instrumentale et électronique

IEM-Report 32/06 3LD Library for Loudspeaker Layout Design

IEM-Report 33/06 Strukturgeneratoren in elektronischer und instrumentaler Komposition

IEM-Report 34/06 Morphing zweier Klänge mit quasi-harmonischen Spektren

IEM-Report 35/06 Virtual Gamelan Graz

IEM-Report 36/06 Stop the Piano

IEM-Report 37/06 Forschungsplattform Flugsimulation - Sound Modul

IEM-Report 38/07 Binaural-Ambisonic 4. Ordnung 3D Raumsimulstionsmodell mit ortsvarianten Quellen und Hörerin bzw. Hörer für PD

IEM-Report 39/07 Icosahedral Loudspeaker

IEM-Report 40/07 Modellierung und Vermessung von "In Ear Schallabsorber"

IEM-Report 41/07 Zur Modellierung von Kernmelodien im Rahmen des "Virtual Gamelan Graz (VGG)"

IEM-Report 42/07 Klangmodellierung - ein Beitrag zur musikalischen Akustik

3D Audio Interface for the Blind

3D Audio Interface für Bildschirmbenutzer in Wellenfeldsynthese

3D Auditory Interface for Desktop Applications

3D Binaural Sound Reproduction using a Virtual Ambisonic Approach

96-kHZ-Hörversuche für transiente und stationäre Schalle

A 3D Ambisonic based Binaural Sound Reproduction System

A 3D Real Time Rendering Engine for Binaural Sound Reproduction

A Combined Approach for Broadband Noise Reduction

A Generalized Psychoacoustical Model of Modulation Parameters (Roughness) for Objective Vehicle Noise Quality Evaluation

A Generic, Semantically Based Design Approach For Spatial Auditory Computer Displays

A New Functional Framework for a Sound System for Realtime Flight Simulation

A Parameterized Model of Psychoacoustical Roughness for Objective Vehicle Noise Quality Evaluation

A Real-Time Audio Rendering System for the Internet (iARS), Embedded in an Electronic Music Library (IAEM)

A Sonification Design Space Map

A Spatial Audio Interface for Desktop Applications

An Accurate Signal Representation for Sound Resynthesis Utilizing a Time-Frequency Mapping of the DFT-Magnitude

An Auditory 3D File Manager Designed from Interaction Patterns

An Introduction to Sonification and its Application to Theoretical Physics

An Objective Model of Localisation in Binaural Sound Reproduction Systems

An Optimized Model for the Objective Assessment of Roughness Sensations in Vehicle Noise

Algorithms Today

Analyse, Resynthese und Interpolation von KFZ-Innengeräuschen

Analysing Time Series Data

Analysis, Resynthesis, and Interpolation of the Interior Noise of a Car

Audio-Augmented Reality - ein neues Medium für die Klangkunst

Audio Interface for Immersive 3D-Audio Desktop Applications

Auf den Pfaden des Datenraums Internet

Auf der Suche nach dem Rauschen

Binaurale 3-D Wiedergabe basierend auf dem Kirchhoff-Helmholtz-Integral

Broadband Noise Reduction Based on Spectral Subtraction

Capturing the radiation characteristics of the bonang barung

Chirp-rate estimation for time-frequency reassigned spectrograms

Crosstalk Cancellation for Spherical Loudspeaker Arrays

Der Hof, der Lautsprecher, sein Mikrophon und ihr Klang - Eine Projektbeschreibung

Der IEM CUBE - ein periphones (Re-)Produktionssystem

Der Toningenieur - Eine Grazer Besonderheit

Design Patterns of Auditory Displays

Designing a Generalized Sonification Environment

Die Cocktailparty

Distance Coding in 3D Sound Fields

DSP-Implementation eines Kopfpositionsbezogenen binauralen Wiedergabesystems

else if - Live Coding, Strategien später Entscheidung

Enhanced 3D Sound Field Synthesis and Reproduction System by Compensating Interfering Reflections

Entwurf und Optimierung eines auf Ambisonic basierenden binauralen Wiedergabesystems

Frequency Analysis of Non-Stationary Signals Using a Time-Frequency Mapping of the DFT Magnitude

Further investigations on 3D sound fields using distance coding

Getting Mixed up with WFS, VBAP, HOA, TRM... From Acronymic Cacophony to a Generalized Rendering Toolbox

Hearing Varese`s Poeme Electronique inside a virtual Philips Pavilion

Im Spiegelkabinett - Wirklichkeitskonstruktion in den Medien

Internet Archive for Electronic Music

Internet Archive for Electronic Music IAEM

Internet Archive for Electronic Music IAEM-iARS (Internet Audio Rendering System)

Internet Archive for Electronic Music - internet Audio Rendering System IAEM - iARS

Investigations on control and perception of virtual distance using loudspeakers

Investigations on Distance Coding in 3D Sound Fields

Juggling Sounds

Klangmodellierungsansätze und Ergebnisse für Gamelaninstrumente des lauten Stils

Konzepte zur Schallfeldsynthese und Schallfeldreproduktion

Kopfhörer und Lautsprecherkonzepte für eine virtuelle Akustik

Kopfpositionsbezogene Wiedergabe für Binauralsignale mit Ambisonic

Korrektur der Lautsprecherrichtcharakteristik im Adrienne-Verfahren

Kunst im Elektronischen Raum

Lästigkeitsindex - Psychoakustische Grundlagen des Straßenverkehrslärms

Live Coding: an Overview

Location Determination of Acoustical Sources using a Microphone Array

Lost Highway

Mehrkanalwiedergabesystem für Binauralsignale unter Verwendung des Ambisonic-Ansatzes

Modeling a Spherical Loudspeaker System as Multipole Source

Modeling radiation synthesis with spherical loudspeaker arrays

Multichannel Sound Reproduction System for Binaural Signals - The Ambisonic Approach

Near- and farfield beamforming using spherical loudspeaker arrays

Netexpanded Soundscape

New Developments of Teaching Concepts in Multimedia Learning for Electrical Power Systems Introducing Sonification

New Sonification Tools for EEG Data Screening and Monitoring

Non-linear Spectral Subtraction with Combined Smoothing Strategies for Broadband Noise Reduction

Nonlinear All-Pole And One-Zero Gammatone Filters

Patching music together - collaborative Live Coding in Pd

Performing Music in three Dimensions

Personal noise ranking of road traffic: Subjective estimation versus physiological parameters under laboratory conditions

Pitch Perception in Lamellophones and the Development of a Computer Based Tool for Interactive Experiments on Tunings and Tonal Systems

Psychoacoustic Measurement of Roughness for Vehicle Interior Noise

Real-Time Broadband Noise Reduction

Realization of a Vold-Kalman Tracking Filter - A Least Sequares Problem

Room Simulation for Binaural Sound Reproduction using Measured Spatiotemporal Room Impulse Responses

Schallfeldreproduktion durch ein verbessertes Holophonie-Ambisonic System

Simulation des peripheren Gehörs auf einem Multi-DSP TMS320C40 System

SonEnvir - A Progress Report

Sonification as a Tool to Reconstruct user`s Actions in Unobservable Areas

Sonification as an Interdisciplinary Working Process

Sonification of Lattice Data: Dirac Spectrum and Monopole Condensation along the Deconfinement Transition

Sonification of Lattice Data: The Spectrum of the Dirac Operator Across the Deconfinement Transition.

Sonification of Lattice Observables Across Phase Transitions

Sonification of Quantum Spectra

Sonification of Spin Models

Sonifikation: Stärken, Schwächen und Anwendungen

Sonifikationen in der wissenschaftlichen Datananalyse

Sound Engineering based on Source Contributions and Transfer Path Results

Sound texture modeling: A survey

Sounds sequential: Sonofication in the Social Sciences

Spannungsfeld Musik und Technik

Spatial Auditory Displays

Subjective Assessment of Roughness as a Basis for Objective Vehicle Interior Noise Quality Evalutation

Subjective Validation of Perception Properties in Binaural Sound Reproduction Systems


The Improved Spectrogram - How to Obtain an Accurate Signal Representation for Sound Resynthesis ?

The Pronouncing Dictionary of Austrian German and the other Major Varieties of German

The Sound of Data

Time Frequency Analysis with Low Numerical Complexity Using a t-f-Mapping of the DFT Magnitude

Toward a Data Sonification Design Space Map

Traffic Noise Annoyance on Roads (TNAR)

Transfer Path Analysis Experimental Investigations and Modeling

Ty Mala Bedynko

Validierung des Entfernungsgesetzes und Korrektur der Gruppenlaufzeit und des akustischen Zentrums des Lautsprechers im Adrienne-Verfahrens

Virtual Audio Reproduction Engine for Spatial Environments

Waiting and Uncertainty in Computer Music Networks

Wellenfeldsynthese - Erweiterungen und Alternativen