signale graz Soirée

signale graz Soirée

erstellt am 21. März 2017

Montag, 27.03.17, 18:00, CUBE, IEM, Inffeldgasse 10/3

signale graz Soirée mit Prof. Dr. Robert Huber und Reiko Yamada


Prof. Dr. Robert Huber (Bowling Green State University, USA)

„Neural mechanisms of motivation: behavioral phenotyping, activity patterns, and drug-sensitive reward in fruit flies“
My work in arthropods demonstrates that neural circuitry for motivation and reward is highly sensitive to addictive plant alkaloids. Using ethopharmacological approaches, drugs of abuse elicit effects that parallel those seen in humans and other mammals. Amphetamine, cocaine, morphine, and heroin are associated with psychostimulation, sensitization, reward strength in conditioned place-preference paradigms and operant self-administration. As addictive plant alkaloids are thought to have evolved as a defense against arthropod herbivory, our work argues for broadening our view of drug addiction into a perspective that recognizes it as fundamentally a basic phenomenon conserved across all metazoan taxa.

Robert Huber, a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Bowling Green State University, explores the neurochemical basis of complex behavior associated with aggression and drug addiction. Using simpler systems approaches, he chooses model systems that are suitable to experimental manipulations at the molecular, neural, and pharmacological levels.

Huber earned a master's degree in animal behavior, mentored by the Nobel laureate Konrad Lorenz, at Universität Salzburg, in Austria, followed by a doctorate in neuroanatomy at Texas Tech University and a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. He serves as editor of several international journals and recently published a special volume on aggression that integrates theoretical models of social interactions, neurogenetics of aminergic systems, with recent advances in neurocriminology.

========================= Reiko Yamada (IEM Artist-in-Residence)

Artistic research project "Small Small Things"

Composer and sound artist Reiko Yamada is originally from Hiroshima, Japan and currently resides in North America and Austria. Her works includes chamber, orchestral and electroacoustic music, sound art installations and interdisciplinary collaborations. In recent years, her work has centered on research in the aesthetic concept of imperfection in a variety of contexts, all the while maintaining a constant concern for empathy and carefully honest representation of the human and geographical contexts from which she finds inspiration.

Yamada holds a doctorate in composition from McGill University (Montreal, Canada), and was a 2015-16 Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study of Harvard University (Boston, USA). She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics - IEM of University of Performing Arts in Graz, Austria.




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