CUBE Lecture mit Peter Stitt

CUBE Lecture mit Peter Stitt

erstellt am 20. Mai 2016

Energy Vector Localisation with Precedence Effect Extension for Off-Centre Listeners


20. Mai, 10:00 im IEM CUBE


The Gerzon energy vector is a simple geometric model for the prediction of phantom source direction with amplitude panning spatial audio systems. It has been shown to be an accurate predictor of localisation for listeners in the sweet spot of a multichannel loudspeaker array. However, it is unable to predict accurately for cases involving time delays, and therefore is less reliable at off-centre listening positions. A recently developed extension to the energy vector to allows for more accurate predictions under such conditions. The extension takes the form of perceptually motivated weights applied to the gains of the loudspeakers before calculation of the energy vector. These weights consider important aspects of the precedence effect. These include localisation dominance, where the time-leading signal dominates the perceived position, and release from this dominance with increased level in the time-lagging signal. A release from localisation dominance for directionally similar signals is also included.

This lecture presents each stage of the model and the relevant trends in the literature which they satisfy. It also provides a validation of the model when compared to the results of two listening experiments using first- and third-order Ambisonics. Specific cases from the results are chosen to highlight the contribution of the extensions to the improvement of the localisation results. Areas of future development are mentioned with reference to the model limitations.

Peter Stitt has received his PhD degree in 2015 after completing MA in Sonic Arts and MSci in Applied Mathematics and Physics, Queen's University in Belfast. In terms of a PostDoc position, Peter is currently affiliated with CNRS LIMSI in Paris/Orsay.




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